KAI is more than just your electronics expert. We will continue to help shape and impact the electronics industry in California by staying in the center of industry trends and the latest technologies. KAI insists on forming long-term relationships. Every relationship has a future.
KAI Connect specializes in managing technical relationships and keeping projects moving full speed ahead. We are continually called upon to consult with major Southern California enterprises to help them find the ideal intersections between performance, delivery, and price. KAI prides itself in finding the best solutions to meet the customer's needs, acting as the "match maker", and since 1985 has built a reputation for providing quality insight.

KAI facilitates a collaborative relationship between the principals we represent and our customers to work together to best interpret, configure and deliver upon the highly-engineered quality needs of each customer.
Delivering on our promise to connect the right customers with the right principals. Know our customers. Know their business. Know how to deliver.

For 25 years, KAI Connect has been a family-run business that represents world class principals. KAI has a proprietary business development process that consistently and reliably unearths and cultivates new customers in targeted industries for KAI's principals.
Electronics Manufacturers Representatives