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KAI specializes in managing technical relationships and keeping all facets of projects connected and moving!

We are continually called upon to consult with major Southern California enterprises to help them find the ideal intersections between performance, delivery, and price. KAI adds value by truly understanding its clients core needs and working exclusively with the highest quality and integrity partners and principals. Since 1985 KAI-Connect has built a reputation for providing quality insight into the electronics industry, specializing in the following markets:

Infocom – mobile comm., networking, voice and data transmission, mass storage, computer peripherals.

Mil/Aero – flight, guidance, control, support and weapons systems, UAV.

Industrial/Instrumentation – process controls, security, robotics, test equip., CNC, transportation, power supplies.

Medical – instrumentation, diagnostic, monitoring and surgical equipment.

Entertainment – audio/video, gaming, lighting controls, in-flight entertainment.

Contract Manufacturing – turnkey, kitters, board and cable assembly, backplanes, fixture houses.

For 25 years, KAI-Connect has delivered on its promise to connect the right customers with the right principals. Know our customers. Know their business. Know how to deliver.

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